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The Carinthian Summer is the premier festival of the arts in Carinthia and has been delighting its audience with musical enjoyment for over 51 years. Whether classical, jazz or cross-over: the Carinthian Summer appeals to a very broad target audience – from young to old – thanks to its wide-ranging programme selection. Every year in July and August, its special atmosphere and diverse venues attract artists and audiences from all over the world.
In order to be able to finance the success of the festival on a sound basis, we need the support of the friends and sponsors of the Carinthian Summer – in addition to the sustainable subsidies from the federal government, the state and municipalities. Their contribution is indispensable for the further development of the artistic ambition and the reputation of the Carinthian Summer. More exposure to culture makes a positive contribution to the attractiveness of Carinthia and to the revitalisation of tourism and the economy.
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Cultural advisor, Governor Ktn
LH Peter Kaiser © Gernot Gleiss
Dr. Peter Kaiser

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival does not fall silent even in times of the pandemic - and that is good and important. I would like to join in with the words of Artistic Director Holger Bleck, who said that he could not and would not imagine a society without culture. A diverse, top-class program was put together under the motto “I fool”, which is also intended to encourage thinking, reflecting and thinking along. I am pleased that this year there is also a promising cooperation with the Villach Carnival for the first time. A big thank you to all those responsible and contributors. I wish you, dear audience, an unforgettable cultural experience.

Mayor of the city of Villach
Günther Albel

It's been 50 years since the Carinthian Summer Music Festival was launched in Ossiach. After the opening of the Congress Center in Villach in 1972, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival found its “second home” here, and first-class concerts have been held in the halls ever since. The city of Villach is always happy when it can offer a stage for top-class cultural enjoyment. I wish the Carinthian Summer Music Festival every success, I am proud of the successes of the last decades and I hope that this festival will continue to be a bridge between tradition and the present. May it expand its radiance and continue to be the cultural figurehead for Carinthia in the future!

Chairman of the CS
Dr. Klemens Fheodoroff

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival has accompanied my life for 50 years. The first concert visits at the age of 10 accompanied by my father, co-founder of the CS; as a summer intern at the age of 18 under the director Helmut Wobisch and the long-time director Gerda Fröhlich; since 2004 as a member of the sponsoring association and the board and finally since 2017 as chairman. The sponsoring association has the purpose of "creating and maintaining a representative cultural festival for Carinthia" with commitment and has a lasting impact on Carinthia's cultural life. Rotary was the godfather and continues to be instrumental in the life of the club. My special thanks go to the many artists who have filled the stage with life; friends, patrons, sponsors, grantors and visitors. Many thanks to our artistic director Holger Bleck and his team. Let's look forward to many more exciting and stimulating concert seasons!

Honorary member of the CS
Christa Ludwig †

At the beginning of the seventies I sang song recitals almost every year in the wonderful collegiate church in Ossiach and also gave master classes in the adjoining building. It has always been a special pleasure for me to sing at the festival. This wonderful church has a special flair and fits so well into the enchanting landscape. I was able to really immerse myself in baroque Austria, and it was a great enrichment for me. I wish the Carinthian Summer Music Festival many years of existence! I can only say THANK YOU.
In memoriam Christa Ludwig (Sunday April 25, 2021):
We are very sad about the death of Kammersängerin Christa Ludwig, honorary member of the Carinthian Summer Festival. We say thank you! Our deepest condolences go to the family.
Board of Directors, Intendant and Team of the Carinthian Summer.

Sponsor of the CS
Dr. Elisabeth Steger

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival offers me musical enjoyment at the highest level. Since moving from Vienna to Carinthia in 1982, I have been attending numerous concerts every year and trying to inspire others too. The very special moments for me as an opera fan were the appearances of famous opera singers; I am therefore looking forward to this year's gala concert by the winners of the Belvedere Singing Competition.

Head of Cultural Department City of Villach
Mag. Gert Christian Sturm

The individual soundtrack over the course of a lifetime reveals the importance that music has in everyday life, at celebrations, parties and concerts. Enjoying live music is indispensable and I am delighted that the Carinthian Summer Music Festival gives its audience special concert experiences even in difficult times.

Member of the CS association
Mag. Erwin Berger

As the central institution of the Carinthian festival landscape, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival has offered artistic diversity at the highest level for decades. World stars like to make guest appearances here just as much as rising stars, whose careers often started here. Coupled with the wonderful ambience of the most diverse venues and the artistic director Bleck's own motto-based program, the festival exudes a very special fascination. And this, which is by no means typical for festivals of this kind, for an audience of all ages who are enthusiastic about culture. As a tourist expert, I also appreciate the radiance of the Carinthian Summer Music Festival, which extends far beyond our country and has a significant impact on Carinthia's image.

Benjamin Appl

Even as a child, when our family stopped in Ossiach during the holidays, I attended church concerts in the monastery. The beautiful, magnificent, filigree collegiate church has been one of the most acoustically fulfilling rooms for me at least since my recital in 2018. The fact that the Carinthian Summer Music Festival embarked on an exciting, unique project with a reading and Schubert's Winter Journey in the Austrian premiere in 2019 together with Harald Krassnitzer characterizes the openness and curiosity of the festival - that is exactly what art, cultural workers and the audience do need!

BMKOES Section Head Art and Culture
Mag. Jürgen Meindl

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival is an integral part of Austria's festival landscape. With its high-quality program, which has both classical and contemporary accents, this festival represents Austria as a country of music in all its diversity and excellence.

BMKOES – music and performing arts
MMag. Brigitte Winkler-Komar

The diversity of musical creation is reflected in the carefully curated and high-quality concert program of the Carinthian Summer Music Festival, which spans an exciting arc from classical to contemporary compositions that invite us to new listening experiences and broaden our thinking.

Friend of the CS
Mag. Maria Th. Radinger, CMC © Helge Bauer
Mag. Maria Th. Radinger, CMC

In the summer of 2020, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival once again showed a special charisma - unusual venues, great artists as well as loyal and new guests.
The “Friends of the Carinthian Summer Music Festival” strive to inspire new target groups for Intendant Holger Bleck's program. The festival enriches the Carinthian Summer Music Festival for our tourist businesses, for guests from near and far and of course also for the local population.
Our goal is to expand the committed CS circle of friends. We want to activate existing networks and establish new networks and invite people - especially from the Alps-Adriatic region - to Carinthia who are sympathetic to and identify with the Carinthian Summer Music Festival. Let's enjoy the Carinthian Summer Music Festival together again this year.

Pianist, composer, singer
Tonč Feinig

I don't know when I heard about the Carinthian Summer Music Festival for the first time, but it has felt for as long as I can remember! In 2015, while still sitting at the piano in the Klagenfurt restaurant raj, Holger Bleck asked me if I wanted to play with my trio at the Carinthian Summer Music Festival. And if I wanted to! The concert the following year was a highlight of my concert life, and thanks to the great organization and reach of the festival, it was a completely sold out concert! The decision to go "out" with CS on the go, and also the many venues throughout Carinthia, Friuli and Slovenia, I think a wise step, especially to reach young people and thus new visitors for the diverse forms and formats of music the festival offers to tap into! That is lived Alps-Adriatic culture!

Dr. Lydia Rathkolb

CS - the festival with the greatest contemporary composers: Great memories of Gottfried von Einem, of whom I currently sang in the premiere at the Vienna State Opera and for the 150th anniversary in 'Dantons Tod'. I was able to get to know him personally at the CS during my studies and sing his favorite composers Mozart, Schubert and Mahler in the collegiate church at his birthday concert. The meeting with Ernst Krenek when we performed his chamber opera 'Confidence' with Erik Werba and the composer read the score was just as unforgettable - standing ovations for him! Also getting to know Ivan Eröd for the first time, whose songs and children's opera are also currently accompanying me at the State Opera. These personal encounters with the greatest composers only take place at the Carinthian Summer Music Festival, which is always ahead of its time.

Composer, CS Artist in Residence 2018
Margareta Ferek-Petric

As Artist in Residence for the Carinthian Summer Music Festival 2018, I experienced the festival up close from different perspectives. Working with excellent musicians allowed me a great deal of artistic freedom, while the assignments brought just the right amount of challenge and fun. It is very important for contemporary music to naturally find its place within the classical repertoire - this is exactly what makes the festival so special!

Composer, artist Head of Ensembles PHACE
Reinhard Fuchs

For several years now, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival program has been refreshingly open and offers its audience a wide range of old and new music in exciting program formats. For the anniversary, I wish the Carinthian Summer Music Festival and its director Holger Bleck numerous curious visitors and good luck for the future editions of the festival.

Organist, composer, conductor
Martin Haselboeck © Meinrad Hofer
Martin Haselböck

As a schoolboy I was able to hear some of the first concerts with my parents, my own story begins with my annual participation in the “Prodigal Son”, soon after with a concert and a recording with my father on the two wonderful organs of the collegiate church. Numerous unforgettable evenings should follow. What particularly pleased and pleased me was and is the opportunity to realize special projects at this festival, such as the commission for an organ concert written especially for Ossiach by Ernst Krenek and performances with Ernst Jandl, Friederike Mayröcker, Riccardo Muti and many others. The Carinthian Summer Music Festival is an indispensable part of Carinthia, for me it means an enormous broadening of horizons at the beginning of my career.

Opera and concert singer
Stefanie Kunschke

In the Carinthian Summer Music Festival I was allowed to participate in an orchestral workshop with Kurt Pahlen at the Carinthian Summer as a student of the Lions Club Mönchengladbach. That impressed me very much. Now I don't play the flute anymore, but I became an opera and concert singer. Most recently at the State Theater on Gärtnerplatz in Munich. I like to think back to Villach.

Direction of siren music theater, composer
Jury Everhartz

The Carinthian Summer Music Festival has developed into an amazing festival, with a program rarely found in such a variety. I am pleased that the artistic director approaches her audience and does not withdraw into an ivory tower. I am pleased that the level of the festival does not suffer, on the contrary, the festival is gaining more and more liveliness like almost no other festival of this size in Austria. Spontaneous discussions and contacts arise, life emerges in unexpected places. The Carinthian Summer Music Festival has become a caravelle for surprising journeys of discovery, without which the summer would be noticeably more uniform, not only in Carinthia.

Sponsor of the CS
Mag. Gilbert Isep

For me, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival has always been a beacon of the Carinthian music scene - at a young age my parents were almost prohibited from attending “wild” concerts, and as a result I enjoyed numerous great musical experiences in wonderful locations for many years. Happy birthday to the festival and good luck for the coming second half of the century!

Deputy Chairman of the CS
Dr. Wilfried Aichinger

I have been closely associated with the Carinthian Summer Music Festival since my early youth. Music always played a big role in our parents' home. Many artists and musicians who also took part in the Carinthian Summer Music Festival came to us as friends and practiced and made music in our house. Two of my brothers studied from 1969 as pupils at the Vienna Music High School at the Musikhochschule, today the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna - cello and violin, respectively. As a result of my participation in the board of directors, I no longer see only the perspective of the concert-goer, but also what is behind it. That connected me even more intensely with the Carinthian Summer Music Festival. Above all, I appreciate the conceptual work of Holger Bleck, which goes far beyond the organization of excellent music programs, as well as the ambition and commitment of the entire team, but also of the (voluntary) board of directors, with even more respect.

Austrian writer
Lotte Ingrisch

Like Aphrodite from the sea, the Carinthian Summer Music Festival rose in youthful beauty from Lake Ossiach and celebrated its wedding with the whole country, to which it gave a voice - and it sang! As the first bride present, he redeemed an enchanted opera. This year the Holy Scriptures will be heard in the “Spiritual Sonata”. Gottfried von Einem always wanted to transform light into music and music into light. It succeeded in the Carinthian Summer Music Festival. Lotte Ingrisch celebrates the anniversary.

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